7 People Who Legit Got 5SOS Tattoos

28 August 2015, 17:16

5sos tattoo

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

They went there.

There's having a love for the fandom- dedicated Tumblr account, crap from Etsy- and then there's taking things a little further by getting inked up FOREVER. Obvs we've seen a ton of music inspired tattoos over the years but we were kinda surprised to find out there were so many 5 Seconds of Summer tattoos. 

From beautiful lyrics to out right logo loving, here are 7 5SOS tattoos that leave us a little shocked/jealous.

Standard (this may be eyeliner, btw)

5sos tattoo


Next. Level. 

5SOS Tattoo

Deep and meaningful. 

5SOS Tattoovia @deadtimexstory (Twitter)


She'll need to wear her hair up to show this off, yes?

5SOS Tattoo


This is all kinds of beautiful. 

5sos tattoo

We really, really, really hope this is Biro.

Ashton Irwin tattoo

Finally, we're actually in love with this epic piece of art.

5sos tattoo