This Acoustic Solo Michael Jackson Cover Is Blowing Our Minds

24 June 2015, 12:16

"Beat It" Cover
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Miguel Rivera shows off some INSANE guitar skills in an incredible one-man version of "Beat It".

Tributes to Michael Jackson are pouring in across the internet this week, for the anniversary of the singer's death. A lot of artists are taking the chance to show off their musical skills in honour of the late King of Pop; but this offering from guitarist Miguel Rivera is on a whole other level.

Using just an acoustic guitar, Miguel strums, plucks and even drums his way through an amazing cover of "Beat It". It's almost hard to believe the sounds you hear are coming from one guy playing one guitar; but this guy definitely channels his inner MJ, by somehow pulling it off without even making it look hard

We maintain that no one person should be allowed to have that amount of skill, but at least Miguel is using his skills to honour someone of equal talent.

As a bonus, check out Michael Jackson's original vocal demo of "Beat It", where he does all the parts with his voice to show how the song sounded in his head.