Can "Bitch I'm Madonna" Really Be Considered The Anti-"Bad Blood"?

18 June 2015, 12:07

Bitch im madonna
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Can the videos be compared? Should they? Does this mean anything? Are we asking enough questions?

Madonna has finally dropped the long awaited, star-studded video for her single "Bitch I'm Madonna" - but the stars weren't quite as studded as advertised. 

Premiering yesterday on TIDAL (because of course), Madge's fun, screamingly colourful party visual for her self-affirming anthem featured megastars like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, and even Kanye West - except, none of them were actually there. Sure, she had Rita Ora and Chris Rock show up; but it seems as though some of her biggest TIDAL colleagues have just emailed over a two-second clip to help give the video a promo boost.

Even Nicki Minaj, who raps on the bridge of the track, somehow couldn't fit an actual appearance into her schedule; instead, she spits her verse from the great beyond while everyone else compensates for her absence.

Regardless of public opinion, fans of anyone in this video have been quick to jump on the draggin' wagon over a certain other celeb-filled music video...

The comparisons to Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" have been rampant since Madonna's "lineup" was announced, considering not only is there no overlap in the people who appeared in each, but Tay's supposed nemesis Katy Perry has a cameo.

The feeling of both videos being considered direct competitors wasn't helped by Madonna Tweeting out this fan-made poster with no credit or context:

Our opinion? Cameos in music videos are nothing new, and neither artist owns the idea. Sure, Tay had more celebrity pals in actual attendance than a Kardashian wedding, and Madonna's effort resembled an early YouTube collab video; but both the singles and videos are vastly different from each other, and there's no real need for unhealthy comparison or competition. Not to mention that Taylor and Madonna are sort of friends/fans of each other's work; so like, why are we pitting them against each other again? Internet, we have a bad habit of doing this.

But what do you think? Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.