Every Thought You Will Have While Watching Ciara's New Music Video

10 March 2015, 10:59

Ciara I Bet Music Video
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

First of all, how dare you?

Ciara is having a weird career moment. She's touring Australia and New Zealand at the moment but she doesn't have an album out yet. In case that wasn't weird enough, she has released a single called "I Bet" and shot a music video for the song which is taken from an album that isn't due out until July.

Interesting trajectory there, Ciara.

Either way, a new Ciara music video is always a blessing and never a curse and as usual Ciara was looking like a perfect human being in the music video for "I Bet".

Almost too perfect if you ask me.

Future. U OK, Hun?

Wait, are you kidding me. 

Literally, how dare you? 

I just…

Excuse me. 

Call the police.

Watch Ciara ruin your whole life below

Ciara I Bet Video

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