Forget Standard Beyoncé Merchandise, Everyone Should Buy This

2 December 2014, 11:17

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Real divas only, please.

Just in case you didn’t already have a Diva License tucked safely into your wallet, there is one going for $6 on Amazon that you’re probably going to want to invest in.

This relic from Only God Knows When features a very fresh-faced Knowles circa Bootylicious having a better ID photo than any picture you’ve ever had taken.

I refuse to believe this isn’t her real Diva License so if you’re currently a diva but do not have the appropriate paper work, this Amazon purchase is your best bet.

Just so you know, the ID expires next year and currently lists Jay-Z as a restriction which is incorrect because Beyonce has no restrictions, least of all Jay-Z. 


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