Hailee Steinfeld's Music Video Is Kinda Inspiring

14 August 2015, 17:04

Hailee Steinfeld press picture

By Alim Kheraj

Brb, just loving ourselves rn.

When we fall for a new popstar, we don't hang about we go in hard. 

So when we heard Hailee Steinfeld's debut single "Love Myself" we weren't just blown away by the rising popstar's voice and the magnificence of the track, but we went into overdrive, stalking through Instagram and finding everything that she'd ever appeared on. You could say we were a bit obsessed...

Now, as if on purpose, Steinfeld has shared the video for her self love banger and it's proper good. 

The is visualised through mirrors planted through out the city where people end up dancing in them. It's pretty cool. 

Look how much fun they're having just loving themselves! 

The actual funnest.

There are also loads of proper popstar moments with Steinfeld standing on the roof of the building generally looking amaze.

Seriously, this girl is meant to be a popstar!

How do we organise a massive dance party in the street with Hailee?

We think we're in love tbh!

Watch the full cute video for "Love Myself" below

brb, just going to love ourselves.