This Halsey/Rihanna Mashup Is Everything We've Ever Needed

2 September 2015, 11:33

Halsey/Rihanna Mashup
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

"Ghost" and "Love The Way You Lie" fit almost TOO well together.

Since its global release on Friday, we've been listening to Halsey's new album BADLANDS on loop. And while we have no regrets, it's probably time to wean ourselves off with some other music. Thankfully, that's why mashups exist.

Tumblr user, singer and mashup artist Gráinne Fahy spotted some aural similarities between Halsey's single "Ghost" and the epic Rihanna parts of Eminem's 2010 track "Love The Way You Lie". And, like any good selfless talented person would do, created a killer mash between both singles (with 99% less Eminem) that has us wishing that RiRi and Halsey would do ALL their music together.



As well as posting covers of Halsey and pop punk bands on her Soundcloud, Gráinne's been making mashups for ages; and a perusal of her mashup tag reveals some names and tracks that we're big fans of at PopBuzz. We're gonna be keeping our eye on this one for a while...