Hayley Williams Is So Done With Everyone's Crap

6 July 2015, 11:46

Hayley Williams
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Hayley wants you to listen up because she's speaking out against something serious.

A few weeks ago, Hayley Williams was accused of being a "bad feminist" (yawn) because of lyrics that she wrote a decade ago concerning other women. She blasted her critics and reminded us that feminism is about growth and self-reflection. 

Well, our favourite female punk singer is putting on her feminist hat once more to remind us that "the scene" is still as skeevy and terrible as ever. 

Hayley took to twitter to address female fans directly. 

Hayley has been a part of one of the most successful pop punk bands for over a decade now and has seen first hand the behaviour that she is now calling for an end to. 

It's no secret that the punk scene can be a bit of a boy's club but we agree that it's definitely time to stop saying "boys will be boys" when it comes to damaging behaviour.