Hear Drenge Turn "Bad Blood" Into A Rad Punk Rock Anthem

25 June 2015, 14:46

Drenge and Taylor Swift
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Tay goes punk? We're into it.

Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" is an anthemic fight song with serious cross-genre appeal. Don't believe that? Just ask the guys from Drenge.

Drenge are the Sheffield based band who sing in their own accents and have a pretty decent grasp on progressive rock and post punk. 

Their take on "Bad Blood", courtesy of an Annie Mac session, completely turns the track on its head. The insistent bass and gruff vocal delivery makes it the furthest thing from the original. Drenge's arrangement is definitely a biproduct of new and progressive punk sound which obviously draws a stark but pleasant contrast to Taylor's version. 

Hear Drenge's "Bad Blood" cover below