Hobbie Stuart Is Obvs Our YouTuber Of The Week

28 July 2015, 14:27

YouTuber Hobbie Stuart on street

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Back off Rita Ora, we saw him first.

It's no secret that we're a fan of YouTubers, especially if they happen to be incredibly hot and talented. So when we heard that one of our favourite YouTubers had been hitting the headlines thanks to a certain X Factor audition, we felt pretty smug knowing we'd recognised his talent first. Of course, we're talking about Hobbie Stuart.

The Brighton babe has auditioned for this year's X Factor and word on the net is that a certain Rita Ora took a shining to him. We totes know how she feels! With perfect hair and teeth (it matters, trust us) and an incredible voice, it's only right that Hobbie was our YouTuber of the Week.

Here's 5 of Hobbie's best videos to get you all shook up...

See You Again cover. FEELING ALL THE FEELS.


Hobbie Stuart x Trote Sivan = Life.


Why does stuff like this never happen to us?


Topless Hobbie Alert!


Hobbie and BFF VelvetGh0st are OWNING this duet