5 Reasons We're Geeking Out About Jacob Whiteside's UK Tour

10 September 2015, 14:40

5 reasons We're Geeking Out About  Jacob Whiteside

By Alim Kheraj

The tour is SO SOON!

Jacob Whitesides kicks off his UK tour in a few weeks and we're majorly excited about it. 

In fact we're totally geeking out about it because...

1) We get to this THIS in the flesh, IRL, in front of us and OH MY GOD. 

2) We get to hear THIS live *makes sure we remember all the lyrics so we can scream it back at him*.

3)Did we mention we get to see Jacob on stage performing!?

4) Jacob also recently released this absolute bop of a tune with Kelly Rowland called "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and it's pretty great.

5) Oh, and he has an EXCLUSIVE message for us from him to you!

Jacob Whitesides Is Coming To The UK!



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