Justin Bieber Just Got Sued Again And You Won't Believe Why

20 March 2015, 12:33

Justin Bieber
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Sorry, Eggy Eggzalea.

If you really Beliebed that egg-gate 2k14 was well and truly broiled for Justin Bieber, then you were *insert egg pun of choice*.

Even though Justin made a move to the world's glassiest house at the end of last year, his old neighbours are still sort of not happy about all the egg stuff he did when he lived in their neighbourhood.

The egg victim family have officially brought a lawsuit against Justin, who they say harassed them during the time that he lived in their neighbourhood.

Jeffrey and Suzanne Schwartz say that Justin spat in their faces, egged their house, threw loud parties, drove his Ferrari fast and referred to Mr. Schwartz as "little jew boy". 

The family accepted a settlement last year in which they were given $80,900 after Bieber pleaded guilty to a misdemeanour vandalism charge.




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