10 Undeniable Signs Bed Is Your True Bae

4 December 2015, 14:12

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Love at first sight

1) You spend every single night snuggled up together.


2) You always Netflix and Chill together.

They'll binge-watch anything with you.

3) You daydream about them at work.

Fantasising about being back inside them.

4) You regularly blow off plans just to spend more time with them.

Who needs any other friends?

5) You eat dinner together at least three times a week.

Although you always end up paying!

6) You don't want to share them with anyone else.

You've got a special thing going on.

7) You've cried in front of them...

Too many times.

8) ...and they've seen you naked.

Sometimes you even allows a third party into your relationship.

9) They comfort you when you're scared.

Such a good listener.

10) But most of all, at the end of a long day you are always pleased to see each other.

God I've missed you!

You and your bed = serious relationship goals.