15 Things Only Introverts Will Understand

15 October 2015, 18:02

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Introverts unite!

1) When you find a quiet bathroom in a busy bar.

2) When people think you're lonely and you're like...

Credit: Maureen Wilson.

3) When people call you for no particular reason and you look at your phone like:

4) Others should manage their expectations when it comes to hugs.

5) We do need our besties though. We couldn't cope without them.

6) This.

7) When people say you're quiet but the real problem is that everyone around you is really boring and you have nothing to add to their conversation.

8) This song is you at every party.

9) The struggle is real.


10) We know our strengths.

11) Every time.

12) April Ludgate is our unsung hero.

13) Generally speaking...

14) There is a reason why cats are our spirit animals.

15) And ultimately...