14 Things You'll Only Know If You're REALLY Bad At Flirting

14 June 2016, 15:43

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

*winks with both eyes, laughs like a foghorn*

First of all, this accurate astrological chart has basically sealed your doom...  


So RIP in peace to y'all who weren't blessed with a good sign.

Second, you can’t wink seductively for sh*t.

You’re TEEEEERRIBLE at making flirty puns.


You often wonder why your friends don't come to you for dating advice. 


You're either way too forward...

Or you literally can't pick up on flirting if it hits you straight in the face.


A photo posted by Junior Herrera (@junior_ii) onDec 9, 2013 at 8:38pm PST


When you try to let out a cute giggle but you end up sounding like a foghorn.


Subtely is definitely not your strong suit. 


You’ve unintentionally friend zoned everyone who has ever been interested in you, because you're useless at deciphering flirting queues.


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And you’re TERRRRRRIBLE at picking up the flirty subtext in texts, like this person...

Bad Text 1

and this person...

Bad Text 2

and this person... 

Bad Text 3

There's a 300% chance that the likelihood of you developing word vomit will increase around your crush. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

It's time to face facts, some people just don't have it... at all.