QUIZ: Are You The Laziest In Your Friendship Group?

13 October 2015, 14:43

homer simpson
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"I'm not lazy, I'm physically conservative."

Are you the friend that will invite people to your house because you can't be bothered to leave?

Or are you the person who will stave until someone comes over to provide you with food, rather than undertaking the 2 minute walk to the shop?

Have you ever sat through 12 hours of the shopping channel because you can't be arsed to find the TV remote?

You've probably done at least one of these things. But how lazy are you in comparison to your friends? Everybody is lazy to a point but nobody wants to be known as the "lazy friend". Take our quiz to find out how lazy you are and compare with your mates to finally discover the truth!