5 Seconds Of Summer Album 3: Release Date, Tracklist & Everything We Know So Far

14 November 2017, 11:02

5 seconds of summer
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

We round up all the latest news as 5 Seconds Of Summer get back in the studio to record album number 3.

Everyone's favourite Aussie four-piece 5 Seconds Of Summer have wrapped up their massive world tour and are now hard at work prepping their upcoming third album.

Michael Clifford posted a message on Twitter today (November 14th) confirming that it does in fact exist and is (maybe) already completed.


But 5SOS fans aren't a patient bunch so we are left asking ourselves the same question - what the f*ck is it going to sound like? Pop Punk? Synth-realness? Norwegian death metal? 

Well thankfully we've already had a few brief glimpses behind the studio doors to discover how album 3 is shaping up. Let's round up all the info...

1) What are the song titles?


5SOS fans really are very good at sleuthing and managed to uncover a few titles that had been legally registered by the band. So what could these be about? "She's Got A Rocket" sounds kind of promising in a Busted "Year 3000" kind of way and "Reasons" has "big acoustic ballad" written all over it. As for "Make Or Brake" and "Carry You Home Tonight", we're slightly worried this will mark a Gaga-style venture into the world of Country. Hopefully their travels across the US haven't rubbed off on them that much...


2) Who are they working with?


Images on insta and snapchat have shown Calum Hood in the studio with a wide range of collaborators including legendary producer John Feldmann as well as DJ Steve Aoki and Blink 182's Mark and Travis. So judging by that weird mix, the new record will be a pop-punk-EDM-extravaganza with a sh*t hot drum beat in the back. Probably.


3) What will it sound like?


The gap between the sound of their debut and "Sounds Good, Feels Good" was a lot bigger than you remember, and when they dropped the Ghostbusting banger "Girls Talk Boys", it became clear that the boys were up for widening their sound beyond the catchy pop punk they became known for. So, who knows where they may end up going next but expect some synth in there as well as some big pop stadium sounds ala Fall Out Boy's last album. 


4) When is it coming out?


No firm answer here but we are gonna assume it's at some point in 2017. And, given that they have only just stopped touring, let's assume it will be late 2017 (or Q4 as the industry lads call it) followed by a big old tour in 2018. With lots of UK dates please (come through Hyde Park!). 


We'll keep you posted on all the 5SOS info as we get it guys!