6 Weird AF Pop Punk Collaborations

22 December 2015, 14:34

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Simple Plan and...Nelly?

Simple Plan have unveiled the full tracklisting for forthcoming album Take One For The Team and one of the tracks comes with a hip hop flavoured surprise:

Track 8 - I Don’t Wanna Go To Bed (feat. Nelly)

Yep, that Nelly.

Which got us thinking - what other odd pop punk pairings have their been through the years? 

Strap in kids - it's list time!

1) Fall Out Boyz II Men

A little east coast swing. Well, Patrick does have a soul voice.

2) Green Day and U2

Is there such a thing as too much stadium rock? Cos this might be it.

3) Gerard Way and Duran Duran

Peak 1980s.

4) Blink 182 and a random fan

For MTV's seminal duets show. Just imagine if this was still running. Imagine!

5) Jordan from New Found Glory and Cyndi Lauper

They just want to have fun!

6) Simple Plan and Natasha Bedingfield

They love throwing curveballs.

What other weird collabs do you want to see? Let us know!