Pete Wentz’s Latest Signings: Get To Know Your Future Faves

14 January 2016, 15:43

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

DCD2 for the win.

Pete Wentz has always been something of an enigma in the pop punk world, following his "Thriller" collaborator Jay Z's mantra of "I'm not a businessman - I'm a business, man!". He, of course, famously kick started the career of Panic! At The Disco (who we have been known to occasionally write about), signing them up to his Fuelled By Ramen funded label Decaydance. But what about all the other faves he's signed up since the label's relaunch as DCD2 a couple of years ago? Let's take a closer look at the acts Pete is currently nurturing.

1) Charley Marley

DCD2 Records

The most recent signing, UK born Charley produces wonky pop that's big on keyboard riffs, mixing elements of Major Lazer with Nile Rogers-esque guitars and some major summer house vibes. Recently seen supporting Fall Out Boy on their European tour, he also opened for Panic! at their Brixton show earlier this week.


2) MAX

DCD2 Records

Maxwell George Schneider signed to the label in early 2015 and his dark, Weeknd-esque dirty soul is something of a departure for the brand but no less enjoyable for it. Having grown up as a child of Broadway, in the original cast of 13 alongside Ariana Grande, Max later moved into songwriting for children's television via Nickelodeon before releasing his own Kickstarter funded album last February. He accompanied FOB and Wiz Khalifa across the US on their "Boyz Of Zummer Tour" in June.

3) New Politics

DCD2 Records

Chances are you already know these guys, either through their cameo heavy video for "West End Kids", their support slots on the "Save Rock 'n' Roll Tour" or the now infamous dance battle between frontman David Boyd and his label boss Pete. Originally from Denmark, their 2015 album Vikings showcases their chirpy brand of upbeat, 80s-infused guitar power-pop.


4) Travie McCoy

DCD2 Records

Another familiar name, Travie was formerly the front man of Decaydance act Gym Class Heroes before striking out on his own with debut album Lazarus in 2010, lead single "Billionaire" becoming a huge radio hit thanks in no small part to the presence of the ever-ubiquitous hat-bothering Michael Jackson impersonator Bruno Mars. Since then, he has dropped a handful of ear-wormy singles with his new album Rough Waters expected later this year.



DCD2 Records

The musical persona of actress Lauren Pritchard, LOLO also began life on Broadway, originating the role of Ilse in the cult musical Spring Awakening. Her 2010 debut Wasted In Jackson, released under her own name, had a folky quality to it alongside the motown-esque backing. More recent singles, however, have added bigger beats and catchier piano hooks to give a fuller sound not dissimilar from Elle King. You may also recognise Lauren as the voice behind the female vocal lines in Panic!'s "Miss Jackson" and FOB's "Centuries", having also co-written four tracks on the former's Death Of A Bachelor album.

And that's about it.....

Oh, well, there's also this fella. 

DCD2 Records

And this lot.

DCD2 Records

Never really heard of them. Seem ok.

What do you think of Pete's label acts guys? Any faves?