POLL: Would You Admit You Like Justin Bieber?

22 December 2015, 17:23

Justin Bieber
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Do you secretly belieb?

As you are well aware, shirtless former baby Justin Bieber recently dropped one of the key albums of 2015, Purpose, featuring 7 first class bops, at least 3 of which are scientifically proven bangers. 

Good job everyone.

Crucially, the album also brought the Biebs a whole new fanbase of non-children, particularly in the UK where he now looks set to take the coveted spot of Christmas number one.

However, while most of us are #sorrynotsorry when it comes to "Sorry", Gigwise reports on a new Ticketbis poll that reveals 21% of his fans won't publicly admit to liking him.

They even polled individual UK cities, Southampton coming out on top with 33%!

But hey, that's Southampton - the only stats we're concerned about are the ones from the PopBuzz audience.

So, let us know you're thoughts below.

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