Here’s Why Brendon Urie Needs To Be On American Horror Story

14 December 2015, 15:56

Brendon Urie AHS Header
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

@ Ryan Murphy: PLZ.

At approximately 6:38AM GMT on December 14th 2015, we officially reached peak PopBuzz thanks to our fave, Halsey.

It all started with this tweet:



Like, how have we never thought of this before today? Why hasn't this happened yet? And would the landscape of American Horror Story as we know it change forever?! This was basically PopBuzz HQ, along with the rest of y'all who know what's good:



Long story short, we established that there were plenty of people who would LITERALLY sell their soul to see this happen. 

Brendon Urie AHS

"But who would he play?", we hear you cry! Twitter's got it sorted.

Brendon Urie AHs 2

People were full of LOLZ, but lest we forget... a big forehead in the world of American Horror Story means GREAT THINGS. 

Brendon Urie AHs 3

OK. So, Ryan Murphy, we've given you enough reason to make this happen. But incase you need one more... please enjoy this very accurate tweet and gif that we think you'll like. BYE. XOXO, POPBUZZ.