Brendon Urie's Underwater Photo Shoot Will Make You Thirsty

20 November 2015, 13:52

brendon urie
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The thirst is real!

Panic! frontman and serial shirt-remover Brendon Urie has been photographed messing around in a pool by Jonathan Weiner for the cover of next month's Alt Press.

brendon urie

Is it thirsty in here?

However, we can't help but notice that this shot of Brendon looks pretty familiar....

Is he remaking Nevermind?

brendon urie

Or is he looking to play Ariel?

brendon urie

There's also this one...

brendon urie

With a shirt that wet, maybe Brendon can be the next Bond?

brendon urie

Hashtag Brendon4Bond!

But this pic is our favourite of the bunch.

brendon urie

What a poster!

Although it does mean we now ship Brendon and Leo...

brendon urie

And we demand a similar statue to this one be immediately erected outside the Fueled by Ramen offices.

brendon statue

Here's some behind the scenes stuff from the shoot featuring lots of underwater Brendon:

 So go pick up the December issue of Alternative Press and stick Brendon all over your wall.