Where The F- Are Panic! In This End Of Year Mashup?

3 December 2015, 11:21

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

"United State of Pop 2015" is lacking one very key ingredient.

We know end-of-year mashups have been done to death but - we've got to admit - we still enjoy them when December rolls around. Partly because there is always one or two bangers that we've completely forgotten about (ummm hello, Tove Lo's "Body Talk") but also because we like hearing new interpretations of songs we've bopping too all year. 

The "United State of Pop" mashup is pretty much a Christmas tradition now. Every year, DJ Earworm snips and slices 50 of the best songs into a 5 minute treasure map of musical gold. 

The only problem is that there's always one track that's forgotten. And that track this year is "Victorious". Shame on you, DJ Earworm. Shame of you.


Having said that, we could argue the case for about 20 other tracks, too. And on the whole, it's actually pretty bangin'. 2015 has been a very good year for music. No pressure, 2016.

Listen to "United State of Pop 2015" below. Let us know if you think anyone else has been left out.