Shawn Mendes Is Working On His Third Album & Here's Everything We Know

3 January 2018, 16:43

Shawn Mendes' 3rd Album: Everything We Know So Far
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

SM3 is on the way but what will it sound like? And when will it be released?

Shawn Mendes has revealed in a tweet that his upcoming third album is nearly complete:


Fans have spotted some sneaky Instagram pics from the studio while Shawn himself has been hinting at some future plans in recent interviews. So, let's round up all the facts and find out exactly what we know about the third Mendes record so far.

1) He's been hard at work while on tour.

Shawn spoke to Billboard back in April and revealed that he had made time in his busy schedule to make sure his album came out sooner rather than later:

"We’re trying to plan everything so that there’s time to make music, too. I’ll be writing and recording a lot on the road. I want to make sure I have a good amount of time to create the next album".

Plus, Shawn posted this shiny little GIF of a jam session that looks pretty fun indeed:



2) What's it gonna sound like?

There's lots of rumoured tracks said to feature on SM3 (as all the fans are calling it) but one of the more popular is 'What If I Told You A Story', a work in progress piano ballad Shawn posted online a few months ago.



Hopefully the full version will be appearing very shortly.


3) Any special guests?

Well, while nothing has been confirmed, those rumours of a collab with Niall Horan continue to swirl around don't they? Both singers have certainly seemed very open to the idea in the past and have of course duetted a couple of times at various awards shows.

Keep everything crossed!


4) When will it be released?

While Shawn only had a roughly year-long gap between his first two albums, the Illuminate tour has been a HUGE undertaking, plus current single 'There's Nothing Holding Me Back' is still doing incredibly well around the world. So, while we wouldn't count out a late 2017 release, early summer 2018 seems much more likely at this point.