The 1975's 3rd Album: Everything We Know So Far

19 September 2017, 12:38

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

As Matty and the boys wrap up their current tour, what can we expect from their new music?

UPDATE 19/07/17

It's happening people - the boys have re-entered the studio to start recording work on Music For Cars.


Buckle up everybody - looks like things are on schedule for the planned release date next June!


UPDATE 06/09/17

Matty posted a short clip to his Instagram story with fans on Twitter grabbing a quick screenshot - could this be a change of album title? Or a new song title?


Either way, it's good to know that they are still planning on aiming for June 1st 2018 as the release date. Fingers crossed everything sticks to plan.


UPDATE 02/08/17

Well, this looks rather ominous.

Matty has posted a cryptic (and very fuzzy video) to his timeline:


Pretty difficult to decipher what is going on here but a fan account has managed to grab a couple of quick screenshots at least:


Any guesses as to what on earth they are on about here then? Answers on a postcard please.


UPDATE 17/07/17

As the I Like It When You Sleep... era officially comes to an end, Matty hinted at the future during the band's final tour date, headlining the main stage on Friday night of England's Latitude Festival:

"We had an album called I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful yet So Unaware of It. That album became an era and tonight is the end of that era. But it's the start of a new era... called Music for Cars."

The setlist for the show also contained a perfromance of the song '28' taken from their old pre-fame days when they were known as Drive Like A Do, with a rumoured side project album of those early songs said to also be soon on the way.

The band's official Twitter account later posted a short video showing the lights going out on their iconic album cover logo and confirming that Music For Cars will follow in 2018:


And now, we wait...


UPDATE 28/04/17

Matty chatted to Zane Lowe on Beats 1, confirming that the title of the new record will be Music For Cars as well as discussing early ideas and their development as a band.

You can listen to the chat via Apple Music below:


UPDATE 14/03/17

The 1975 are the subject of a 10 page feature in the May edition of Q magazine, Matty being interviewed in his London home about new music and his crazy year in the spotlight.


The chat confirms the previous rumours that the 3rd The 1975 album will be released in 2018 and is currently titled Music For Cars. The majority of the songs will be recorded in Matty's home studio and he has already written two songs that are "as good as anything" on their last record, alongside some classical and ambient tracks.

Matty also confirms that, in terms of subject matter, the band will veer into more "socially informed and kind-of politically motivated pop music".

Check out the full interview and feature in this month's Q magazine, available now.



The 1975's second album campaign comes to an end later this summer as they headline Latitude Festival in the UK, wrapping up nearly 2 years of touring and promo.

So, what's next for Matty and the boys? And when might we get to hear some new music? We've rounded up all the info we know so far about what to expect next from The 1975.

1) Music For Cars: The Album?


Matty has been hinting on social media that Music For Cars, previously used as the title of a 2013 EP, may also form the title of the band's third full-length effort. Are there unheard songs from that time period. Or, just maybe, is Matty f*cking with us all? Either way, if his aim was to get us all talking, it certainly worked.


2) It's coming sooner than you think


While the boys have promised some more new music for 2017 (they've already dropped an excellent cover of Sade's 'By Your Side' in aid of Warchild), a full length release won't arrive until 2018. 

Matty spoke to Dork Magazine in December about scheduling and the exact timing of new tunes:

"We've met so many artists, who we’re not necessarily going to be working with, but it’s been a very inspiring time for us. I just know we'll definitely put out a single next year, or an EP which will lead up to the album, which I reckon will come out early summer 2018. It'll be really sad but it’ll change the world 'cause it'll be fucking sick. You take what's amazing about the previous record and you distill it and you refine it and extend it and you build on it, that's always our idea."


3) It's gonna be politically informed

Matty was one of the few popstars who actually spoke out around Trump's election and the Brexit vote, making his position perfectly clear with regular speeches to the audience at shows, encouraging them to be more proactive. And, judging by the words in his recent acceptance speech at The Brit Awards, the band are set to follow Katy Perry down the path of "purposeful pop". Whether that will be in the form of a direct protest song or just some references and themes will be revealed in time. But, given how lyrically pointed the dissection of fame was on their second record, we can assume that they will have a lot of direct targets to address next time around.


4) What'll it sound like?



A post shared by George Daniel (@bedforddanes75) onNov 13, 2016 at 10:30am PST


Honestly? We've no idea. Look at the huge breadth of styles they've hit already - who knows where they might go next. Best to just keep an eye on studio videos like the one above (that revealed 'By Your Side' last November) for any indication of what they are cooking up on their synths. 


5) Any guests?


Matty has been teasing a collaboration with UK grime king Skepta for ages now, having become genuine mates IRL. They've apparently been hanging in the studio and even completed an early demo of a potential full track together.

Matty spilled on the style of their aimed track at the NME awards last month:

"We're going to do a tune together. We want to do like a 'West End Girls’' Pet Shop Boys [kind of thing]. Maybe start a band, just me and Skepta do a band. Well we're talking about it, so let’s see what happens."

No word on any other special guests yet but, if we could put in a request, we'd like to see this iconic duo finally team up.


Pretty please?

We'll update this story with more info as soon as it becomes available. Keep your eyes peeled.

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