Who Would You Vote For In The #TØPDebate?

30 October 2015, 11:27

Twenty One Pilots Debate

By Alim Kheraj

#IVotedJosh or #IVotedTyler. What a time to be alive.

While most of the world is flapping over Hilary Clinton and walking toupee Donald Trump, there's another vote occurring RIGHT NOW that is infinitely more important. 

Yesterday (29 October), twenty one pilots took to Twitter for the ultimate showdown: Josh vs. Tyler. 


The name of the game? Well, the band member with the most votes gets to tattoo their name on the loser in front a live audience. THIS. IS. IMPORTANT. STUFF. 

Using Twitter's new poll feature, the band let leash on the social media platform, supplying arguments on a variety of tøpics to make their case  for why they should be the winner. 

Watch TØP introduce the vote (featuring trumpet playing by Josh).

Both Josh and Tyler debated on some important issues like the legal length of time that people are allowed to listen to christmas music.

And healthcare (featuring Josh Dun Pun).

Bored of adverts in your Twitter feed? Tyler wants to help you.

Things got pretty heated with friendships at stake.

But there were still important issues to discuss, like Twitter aesthetics.

After discussing a multitude of other topics, like the price of ranch dressing and student loans (?!), the debate reached its end and voting was opening.

So, who should win? Are you #TeamJosh or #TeamTyler?

You can vote below and let us know in the comments pls and thanking you.