10 Times PVRIS Gave Us Something To Talk About

15 October 2015, 15:01

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte


We're been a fan of PVRIS for a little while now but recently we've been spinning White Noise like it's our last 24 hours on earth. It's so god damn good.

When we heard that they will be supporting Fall Out Boy on tour we were kinda freaking out. It's about time more people were shouting about this band, right? This could be their moment to hit the big time. Imagine if they got as big as Paramore!?! We think they could do it.

It's also got thinking we should do an appreciation post because, well, why the eff not? So here it is: 10 reason PVRIS give us something to talk about, none-stop, till people get angry and block us...or something like that. 

1) "My House" is one of the best rock songs of the decade. Fact.

2) Lynn Gunn, but more specifically, this face:

3) Alex and Brian are pretty special too.

4) For lyrics like this.

5) This epic cover of Sia's 'Chandelier'.

6) Because Lynn can see underwater. That's definitely one for the CV.

7) PVRIS + Tove Lo = Yes please.

8) Because The Empty Room sessions are really cool. Not many bands would rearrange their songs (and do it so well) and then share them online with fans. Respect.

9) When Lynn tweets stuff like this:

10) Because we have seen nothing yet.