Where In The World Is Ed Sheeran???

15 December 2015, 13:48

Ed Sheeran

By Victoria Pavlova

Can you spot the Ed in these pics?

Over the weekend, Ed Sheeran announced that he'd be quitting social media to travel, work on new music and find himself in 2016. If we didn't know better, we'd say this  sounded like our fave ginger guitarist was going on a gap year. We support Ed in that decision, natch, but that doesn't mean we have to lead a Sheeran-less existence, does it? 

Of course not! We here at PopBuzz are faithfully tracking his adventures, Where's Wally? style. 

1. Can you spot the Ed in this crowded city scene? 

Where is Ed?

2. Apparently, he's ready to soak up some culture. But where is he hiding around the Taj Mahal? 

Where is Ed 2

3. We know Ed might need some entertainment, so we've hidden him in this carnival picture. 

Where Is Ed 3

4. Eurotripping like a boss - can you spot the Ed in this Louvre pic?

Where Is Ed 4

5. He'll need some R&R after all that travel - can you find the Ed chilling by the beach?

Where Is Ed?