Prepare The Flood Gates For This Insanely Emotional Performance By Nathan Sykes

19 October 2015, 11:06

Nathan Sykes
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Break to the tissues, things are getting emoshe.

When it comes to Nathan Sykes, we're always ready and more than willing to hear what he has got on offer. Whether it's a cover or an original piece of music, our love for Nathan has virtually no bounds. Fans packed into the Gramercy theatre got super emotional over Nathan's incredible vocals and brilliant song-writing skills.

The 22 year old performer gave his admirers a special treat recently when he performed a live version of his upcoming single, "Over And Over Again". 

"Because I'm not very good with words sometimes, it's me basically trying to find a way of telling someone I really care about what actually they mean to me," Nathan explains. 

"Over And Over Again" is the second single from Nathan's upcoming debut album. It's due out late November but, until then, we have this emotional performance to keep us going. 

Hear "Over And Over Again" below