Are We Lovin’ It? McDonald’s Are Going Pop Punk

16 November 2015, 14:24

mcdonalds pop punk header
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The new pizza?

McDonald's has launched a new ad campaign in the UK for their Big Flavour Wraps and they seem to be targeting the pop-punk scene. 

The ad sees this mystery girl making a pulled pork wrap for a customer.

Major Hayley Williams vibes. 

A trashy riff plays in the background with the lyrics "She’s a little wild and she’s ready to go, go, go. She’s working hard, she wants you to know. She’s on fire, but everyone is oh so slow. When she goes out dancing, it’s a disaster. She likes it louder, she likes it faster."

Meanwhile, images flash up with writing in a style reminiscent of the early days of punk, particularly the Sex Pistols logo.


Now we love pop punk but it's a pretty bold choice for a fast food joint commercial. Because the fact is, as we all know, there is only one pop punk junk food of choice:


So not everyone has taken kindly to this new punk look for McDs:



Personally, we will only get on board with this makeover if it means a future ad featuring Ronald McDonald getting in the moshpit to MCR which, i think we can all agree, would be quite a sight.

So are you (ba da da da da) loving it? 

Judge for yourself by watching the ad below: