Saddle Up 'Cos These Popstar Ponies Are Majestic

12 November 2015, 12:26

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Cutest Kanye Ever!

Artist Mari Kasurinen has given us all the gift we never knew we wanted - My Little Pony dolls as pop culture stars. Aka - My Little Pop Icons.

Choose your favourite from Pony Gaga....

Also available covered in Bacon

Mmmm Bacon....

The King Of Ponies

Kanye and Kim ponies looking on fleek!

But it's not just all pop stars.

Mari has also given us some movie ponies.

There's Johnny Depp pony in Mad Hatter get up....

...and Captain Jack.

Iron Pony is ready to fight crime

And The Dynamic Duo are ready to stop Joker Pony!

Why So Serious Pony?

There's even this truly terrifying Alien pony.

Imagine seeing that on your shelf in the middle of the night.....



But our favourites are the Star Wars Ponies. You've got Han Pony in Carbonite.

'I love you Pony', 'I Know'

Pony Luke and Leia


And scariest of all.....Darth Pony!

We were already excited enough for 'The Force Awakens' but just imagine how much more awesome it could have been if Chewie was played by this little guy:

Amazing work Mari! The Force is strong with you.