Nick Jonas Previewed A New Song Last Night And We're Freaking Out

5 August 2015, 10:35

Nick Jonas

By Alim Kheraj

Panic stations activated - this song sounds amazing!

We've only just got over Nick Jonas' latest self-titled album and hit single Jealous (not to mention those arms!) and now it's time to freak out again. 

The singer and actor took to the stage last night at the iHeartMedia summit and performed a brand new track called "Under You" and it sounds AMAZING. 

Taken from the upcoming re-pack of Nick Jonas, due for release in the US on 10 November, "Under You" was allegedly written by Bebe Rexha, Svan Kotecha, Ali Payami, Rickard Göransson and only king of all things pop Max bloomin' Martin. 

Full of pulsing synths and Jonas' swoonable falsetto, the track sounds like the singer's best work since "Jealous" (which we still have on repeat, don't you?!). 

Listen to the preview of "Under You" below and prepare to faint with excitement.