Here's Why A Bunch Of Popstars LOVE This Paris Hilton Song

14 September 2015, 12:50

Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" Is The Most Impor

By Alim Kheraj

"Stars Are Blind" is the most important song of all time...maybe.

In 2006 MTV's The Hills had just started, Britney Spears hadn't shaved her head and Paris Hilton was our current equivalent of Kim Kardashian. 

In fact, Paris Hilton was in such a powerful position that the heiress had TV shows, perfumes, fashion lines and was in the studio recording her self-titled debut album Paris.

While nowadays Paris Hilton is best known for 'DJing', 2006 Paris wanted to be a bonafide popstar. Enter, then, "Stars Are Blind". 

Released as the first single from Paris, "Stars Are Blind" was a surprising curveball. Had Paris Hilton actually released a song that was good? 

Well yes, yes she had. 

Let's remind ourselves of it, shall we?


A summery, reggae influenced bop, "Stars Are Blind" was co-written and co-produced by regular Lady Gaga collaborator Fernando Garibay and tells the story of an epic love. There's an effusive joyousness to the song, Paris' (somewhat weak) vocals cooing over the syncopated guitar and drum machines perfectly. 

The thing about "Stars Are Blind" is that it holds no pretences. Is everyone aware the Paris Hilton can't quite sing? Yes they are. It's this, perhaps, that allows the song to exist in a unique sphere where it's totally aware of what it is. In a world where 'authenticity' is the apparent holy grail of all musicianship, Paris Hilton's disregarded for it was inspiring and refreshing. 

Likewise, Hilton could have easily ventured down novelty song route. Instead, however, she opted to spend some money and time to craft a song that nearly ten years later still has an air of freshness to it. While her contemporaries (and wannabes) like Heidi Montag were reaching for the next big thing (don't @ us, but Montag's "Body Language" is also semi-brilliant), Hilton's vision was more long term. 

Since its release, "Stars Are Blind" has gone on to sell over half-a-million copies in the US alone, and is considered amongst some as a perfectly performed pop song. 

Obviously, Paris Hilton couldn't release a song without the usual backlash and hate. But if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, "Stars Are Blind" might be Hilton's most important contribution to society. In fact, as Popjustice wrote in 2012, if this song had been released by Gwen Stefani people would've hailed it as the second coming. 

Even now, nearly ten years later, ripples of the song's greatness can be felt throughout pop culture. For example, in a recent interview with The Mirror, Charli XCX said that her new album has been inspired by Paris. 

“I’m such a fan," she said. "One of my favorite songs ever is ‘Stars Are Blind’—it’s pop genius." 

Likewise, Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander sent this tweet out earlier this year. 

And no lies were told.

Paris would follow this song up with the equally great and totally unappreciated track "Nothing In This World" (produced by Dr Luke!). However, her legacy will always be "Stars Are Blind". 

Even though the gods are crazy/Even though the stars are blind/If you show me real love baby/I'll show you mine.

Paris Hilton/ "Stars Are Blind"