Santigold Unveils Brand New Song, "Radio" For The Paper Towns Soundtrack

30 June 2015, 16:52

 Unveils A Brand New Track For The "Paper Towns" S
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Can anyone say absolute banger?

It's been a while for Santigold. After 2012's Master of My Make Believe, the pop star took some time out for her personal life and new baby. In 2015 Santigold has, however, alluded to a new album in the works. And, as we know with just about every musician, there is no better way to beta test new material than by sticking it on a movie soundtrack. 

Santigold's latest, "Radio" is a growling, percussive number that is more Sleigh Bells than not. Santi trades verses with herself before launching into a supercharged bridge and chorus.

The song is the lead track from the upcoming Paper Towns soundtrack and is certainly a distinct way to start an album. It's not necessarily the Santi we're used but man, does it sound good. 

Hear the new track below.