Spotify Are Blowing Our Minds With Their Time-Travelling Taste Generator

15 June 2015, 17:19

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Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Taste Rewind: the time machine of playlists!

At some point, everybody wants to get into some music from an earlier decade. 

It's totally cool to have a phase where you're into 90's grunge, or the blues of the 60's, or even 80's synth-pop (we won't judge you). But isn't it hard to figure out where to start, when there is such a massive back-catalogue of artists and genres to choose from?

Spotify have a fix for that.

Spotify Taste Rewind

In their never-ending quest to develop new ways to pick your music for you, Spotify have unveiled Taste Rewind, a new site dedicated to figuring out exactly which artists from past decades would have been your favourites. From a combination of your listening data and a handful of choice artists, Spotify believe they can pinpoint your tastes in any era; whether you were listening to records in the 70's, or burning your first CD in the early 00's. 

Here's how it works:

Login via Spotify, and based on your listening data, Taste Rewind will collate a series of artists you might like.

Spotify Taste Rewind


Pick three key artists to narrow down the taste generator.

(You can hit "More" if you aren't feeling anyone in your first set of options).

Spotify Taste Rewind


Hit "See My Rewind" and Taste Rewind will generate five customised playlists, from the 00's to the 60's, full of music to suit your taste.

(Hell yeah I get the Stones and Dylan because I'm hip af)

Spotify Taste Rewind


And that's it! 

Suddenly your quest for the classics just got a lot simpler.

You can check out Taste Rewind here. Be sure to let us know in the comments if you get any particularly insane musical results.

Meanwhile, please enjoy my very own 80's playlist: because who doesn't need a bit of Janet Jackson on a Monday?