7 Of The Loudest Hairstyles To Inspire You To Make Some Noise

8 September 2016, 15:00

Loudest hair styles Make Some Noise

By Alim Kheraj

Global’s Make Some Noise Day is BACK and we're getting major inspo from these fabulous hairdos.

Hair is very important. It can reflect your mood, express who you are and can look quite nice. 

Why are we banging on about hair? Well, it's all in support of Global's Make Some Noise, a charity that helps change the lives of young people through out the UK through financial grants to projects and helps spread the word and give a voice to charities that struggle to get heard. For example, in the past Make Some Noise has helped fund workshops for teenagers with cancer, rehabilitation for children with brain tumours or support for young carers. Important stuff, we think you'll agree.

On 8 October, Global's Makes Some Noise Day takes place and the theme this year is DRESS LOUD. Now, we know that we often wear cray things, but what about our hair? For, you see, our hair often remains the same but is INTEGRAL to dressing loud. 

So we're hoping to inspire YOU to get involved with Global's Make Some Noise Day with these FAB hair inspirations to make some noise for those people that often go unheard and to encourage you to give what you can to Global's Make Some Noise. 

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez

Seriously, Melanie gives us #hairgoals every time we see her. She's got so many different styles, but this black and white number is deffo our fave. Could you rock it? Probs, tbh.



When she's not withholding #R8 from the world, RiRi's hair is OUT OF CONTROL GOOD. We love the red locks from the Loud era, don't you?


Halsey hair

Blue truly is the warmest colour when it comes to Halsey's hair. We love it short but also were L.I.V.I.N.G. for it when she had it all long. What a woman. What a hairstyle.

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Queen of the fringe, right? Hayley knows her shiz when it comes to hair. Girl can rock pretty much anything, and still look like the coolest thing around. Our dream day involves Hayley Williams doing our hair FOR SURE.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Yes they might all be wigs, but who says we can't get adventurous for Make Some Noise Day. In fact, we've been perusing wigs for quite some time (more on that for another time, maybe...). Nicki, obvs, knows her way around some pretty outlandish wigs and we're thankful for them. We're thankful that she's brought such magic into our lives. Inspired? we hope so!


Mama Ru wants you to W-E-R-K and that involves your hair, girl. Yas, the queen of all things drag knows a thing-or-two about her wigs and goodness there have been LOADS. Get involved because if you can't love yourself then how the hell are you gonna love any somebody else? Can we get an amen up in hurrre? 

Lady Gaga

Gaga's hair changes more than the weather (which if you live in the UK you'll know is LOADS). However, rather give you another outlandish hairstyle, we thought we'd leave you with this total BANGER about expressing your true self. YAS.

Global's Make Some Noise Day takes place on 8 October. For more info, how you can take part and to donate visit www.makesomenoise.com