7 Things Harry Styles' Floral Suit Looked Like On The X Factor

14 December 2015, 14:05

Harry Styles Header2
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith


Harry Styles wore the most OUTRAGEOUS suit during One Direction's ˆFINALˆ performance at the X Factor Final on Sunday night and it was almost too much to handle. As you know, Harold is a keen supporter of the floral suit trend and there's no denying he wears them well. Here he is, clad in the iconic suit.



Most fans of Stylish Styles really enjoyed his floral display:



While some "fans" were very very conflicted: 



In short, we really really really loved it and we just want to let Harry know that we support him in his fashion choices... Thank GOD he wasn't wearing flares tho, amiright?! Anyway, here's seven things we thought Harry REALLY looked like last night:

1) This really pretty Duvet cover. #GetTheLook

Harry Styles Lookalike 1

2) This super cute Cath Kidston mug. #Look4Less

Harry Styles Lookalike 2

3) Or... this even cuter Cath Kidston weekend bag. #StealHisStyle

Harry Styles Lookalike 5

4) This floral Gilly Hicks paper bag. #OMGHarryWhoRUWearing

Harry Styles Lookalike 3

5) Your Nan's curtains. #WhereIsThisFrom?

Harry Styles Lookalike 4

6) This ICONIC vintage sofa. #ActualSuitTBT

Harry Styles Lookalike 6

7) This picture of British national treasure, Mary Berry. #Identical

Harry Styles Lookalike 7

Oh, and Liam... don't think you got away with anything. 

Liam Payne Sofa