Missguided Have Been Accused Of Photoshopping Stretch Marks Onto Their Models

9 November 2017, 16:10

MIssguided Stretch Marks
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Some fans are accusing the brand of photoshopping stretch marks on to models.

Back in June, ASOS was one of the first fashion brands to stop airbrushing or photoshopping the pictures of their models on their website. Visitors to the site noticed almost every model in the swimwear section were displaying their natural stretch marks and cellulite, making us all feel normal for once. 

Fashion brand Missguided have become the latest company to put an end to all that unrealistic photoshopping on their models and the internet is absolutely LIVING for it. 






While this is undeniably another huge win for all body types in the fashion industry, shoppers have pointed out a few bits of dodgy editing on some of the models on the site and it's starting to dampen Missguided's efforts in promoting body positivity.

As some fans have pointed out, it looks as though some models on the site have had stretch marks photoshopped ON to their bodies and people are understandably pissed about it.





In a statement to The Sun, Missguided denied that they had photoshopped stretch marks on to their models: "We would like to add that all accusations that we have Photoshopped on stretch marks are entirely untrue. Our aim is to inspire body positivity, so our policy is to not Photoshop out what are generally perceived as 'flaws'.

"Photoshopping them on would negate our message, which is all about celebrating who you are and not striving for unrealistic perfection."

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