12 Times Salem Was Your Sassy Spirit Animal

8 December 2015, 13:31

Salem header
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

He gets it.

1) When he made this polite request

Going full Beyonce!

2) When he went IN on the cake

Yes Salem. Yes you do.

3) When he wouldn't take anyone's sh*t

*slow clap*

4) When his plans got ambitious

We all did Salem.

5) When he expressed sympathy for a friend


6) When he knew how to throw a real party

Us too!

7) And then messed it up

Us too!

8) When he was understanding of other people's needs


9) When he told it like it is

Honesty is important.

10) When sh*t got real

He means it.

11) When he knew how to do a morning routine

Nobody talk to us until we get them!

12) And, of course, when he threw this shade

Not sarcastic at all.

Salem - you are all of us!