15 Necessary Life Lessons You'll Learn From Watching Bob's Burgers

2 November 2015, 12:25

Bob's Burgers

By Victoria Pavlova

Life advice from our fave TV family rn.

There are endless reasons to binge watch FOX's Bob's Burgers ASAP. The phrase erotic friend fiction is high up on that list. 

But probably the biggest thing to love about the animated comedy about the not-at-all-disfunctional Belcher family is the fact that every single episode teaches us more about life school ever did. For example: 

1. There's nothing wrong with being a drama queen...

2. ... or an overactive imagination...

3.... as long as you stay true to yourself...

4. ...or whomever you feel like being that day.

5. Happy families support each other's crazy. 

6. Gender doesn't have to be a big deal.

7. And it's OK to be a bit confused about sex sometimes. 

8. In life and love, confidence is key... 

9. ...but a good pick up line always helps.


10. See also: puns.

11. And you don't have to be good at everything...

12. Your talents are unique and precious.

13. You don't have to go through the bad times alone.

14. Because even if you don't get along all the time...

15. Your family are the people who always have your back.