11 Essential Lessons "Community" Taught Us About Avoiding Squad Drama

5 November 2015, 16:08


By Victoria Pavlova

Six seasons and a movie!

Welcome to Greendale Community College, where everyone is welcome and we don't talk about our team mascot. 

When it wasn't giving us nightmare fuel, the former NBC series was actually pretty good at teaching us how to adult via its ridiculously childish cast of characters.

Especially when it came to friendship struggs. 

Rule No.1: Accept all the weird your friends throw at you. No questions asked.

2. Do not. Ever. Get involved in in-squad hookups.

3. Always try to talk it out first.

4. Unless it doesn't work, then go ALL OUT ON THEIR A**. It's for their own good.


5. Try not to say anything you can't take back.

6. And always remember to stand your ground. 


7. Just don't be this person. 

8. Nothing unites a group like a common enemy.

9....except for costume puns.

10. Just remember to always be honest.

11. And stay calm. This is your life now.