9 Reasons Jennifer Lawrence's Relationship With Pizza Is Better Than Your Love Life

3 November 2015, 12:28

J Law Pizza

By Victoria Pavlova

A love story for the ages.

Jennifer Lawrence has been giving us relationship goals for a while. Not that we know who she's actually dating. That's not the relationship we're talking about.

This is. Here are seven more times Jennifer Laurence and pizza were our OTP.

1. That time she bragged about her secret talent.

2. That time she spoke pure truth.

3. Sometimes she tries to be coy.

4. But we all know what she really meant there, right?

5. With pizza, life is one big honeymoon.

6. They've been seen together at major events.

7. And their love has even spawned fan merch.

8. They might be in an open relationship...

9. But there's no love like pizza love.