A Casual Reminder That Jensen Ackles’ SUPER Model Past Is Not NATURAL

20 July 2016, 14:11

Jensen Ackles Header
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

That boy has a jawline for DAAAAYYYYYSSS!

Hi Everyone! Well, we're at the end of 2016 and no one as brought up Jensen Ackles' flawless modelling career in a while, so we felt like it was our duty to deliver the goods. If you're familiar with Jensen's BRICK PANTS, then proceed. If you're new to this revelation then you're welcome, don't mention it, thank us later. 

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Bebe Jensen was all about those DiCaprio hair vibes back when he was on Days Of Our Lives.

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Daaaamn Jensen! Back at it again with that Jack Dawson thirst.

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Cowboy Realness always.

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That intense stare could destroy any and all demons that dare to mess with his bales of hay.

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Let's just stare into those ocean deep eyes for a sec... ok, wow - almost drowned.

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Is this Blue Steel or Magnum? We're not sure. But we ARE sure about that tight sweater vest.


Basically us rn... #sweatervest

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Blue is SO his colour.

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Buckle up everyone because BRICK PANTS.

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Seriously. We can't.

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Here's some baby Dean. John Winchester would be so proud. *CARRY ON MY WAYWARDDD SONNNN*

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But this? This one is the mother load. This is the one you've been waiting for. And yes, that is a crop top.

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Thank you, internet for this wonder reminder. See you again later in the year.

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