10 Film And TV Sidekicks You'll Need By Your Side During The Apocalypse

22 December 2015, 17:28

Fictional Sidekicks Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Run for your life.

Through the years, movies and TV have given us some truly amazing sidekicks to imagine at our side during the inevitable zombie invasion (it's definitely happening, guys.) But who would really bring your Apocalypse crew to the next level? PopBuzz has some suggestions.

10. Dory.

"Oh, but Dory was so forgetful" blah blah. Did they find Nemo though? Point made. 

9. Michone's captive walkers. 

For added badassery (not that you'd need any, but, you know.)

8. Timon and Pumbaa.

I'm not sure what they'd do, exactly, but they'd be cool with you Hakuna Matata-Ing straight outta there, which is what you'd want to be doing anyway. 

7. The Hulk's pants. 

Always keeping it together under pressure. 

6. Stitch.

Ok, so a chaos-prone alien isn't the obvious choice, but you could always send him after your enemies. Also, infinite lolz. 

5. Donkey. 

Because nobody, not even a horde of zombies, would come near you with that thing hanging around. 

4. Gretchen Wieners. 

Her hair is full of secrets and toaster strudel makes perfect Apocalypse food. Obvious choice. 

3. Salem Saberhagen. 

Would give you helpful daily reminders to not give a s*** about the chaos around you. 

2. Peeta, I guess???

Definite Hufflepuff, but the man can paint a mean disguise. 

1. BB-8!

Really, did you think it'd be anything else? BB-8 is life, BB-8 is love. Also, let's be honest, BB-8 would save your a**.