Here Are The Best New Shows Coming To Netflix In April 2018

9 April 2018, 16:14

Netflix April 2018
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

From Netflix originals available to stream all at once to weekly series imported from the states, this is everything you can look forward to watching in April 2018.

When it comes to Netflix programming, viewers are usually spoilt for choice. Netflix's new additions in April 2018 are no exception. New TV shows on Netflix, new weekly programming, and added seasons of your favourite shows means that you'll be all booked up for the month. 

From Lost In Space to RuPaul's Drag Race, Netflix has amazing new original series and weeklies that will make you want to call in sick just so you can enjoy them all. 

New TV Shows On Netflix April 2018

'Lost In Space' (Season 1) : April 13 - Worldwide

via Netflix 

Danger, Will Robinson! Catch the new Netflix original sci-fi series about a crew of colonists who become lost in space. Streaming on Netflix April 13.

'Troy: Fall Of a City' - (Netflix US)

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BBC One's retelling of this epic tale is coming to American audiences this April. Be on the lookout for Troy: Fall Of a City streaming on Netflix US from April 6. 

'Chef's Table Pastry' (season 1) - Worldwide 

Here's one for all the food lovers out there. Chef's Table Pastry is a spin-off of Chef's Table and arrives on the streaming platform April 13. Add this to your watch list if you have a massive sweet tooth. 

'The Boss Baby Back In Business' (season 1) - Worldwide

It's all in the name. The Boss Baby is, indeed, back in business. The full first season of the Netflix original series is based on the 2017 film, Boss Baby and will be available to watch on the streaming platform from April 6 on Netflix. 

'The Letdown' (season 1) - UK/Ireland 
The Letdown season 1

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The Letdown, a witty series about an overwhelmed new mother makes its way onto Netflix April 21.

'Happy!' (season 1) - UK/Ireland 

Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Happy! will land on Netflix April 26. Christopher Meloni stars in the Syfy original which was recently picked up for a second season. 

'The New Legends of Monkey' (season 1) - UK/Ireland/US

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Another remake of a classic series is headed to Netflix April 27. The New Legends of Monkey will follow the adventures of a warrior and his friends in ancient China as they fight the forces of evil. 

The Alienist (season 1) - UK/Ireland

The Alienist is a new April 2018 Netflix release based in the 1800s and starring Dakota Fanning. The 19th-century forensics drama will be available on Netflix April 19. 

Editor's choice: Check out The Alienist on April 19. Netflix has been offering some really interesting work in this time period (see Alias Grace) and we're excited to see what they've cooked up with this series. Dakota Fanning is, of course, a hook. 


Netflix Weekly Shows April 2018 

'The Joel McHale Show' (season 1) - Worldwide 

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New episodes of the Joel McHale Show will continue to stream weekly on Netflix. 

'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman': Jay-ZLetterman Jay Z

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The fourth episode of the six-part Letterman interview series lands on Netflix April 6. 

'Riverdale' (season 2) - UK/Ireland

via Netflix/CW

Riverdale will continue to stream weekly on Netflix from Thursday, April 19 (the day after its US CW airing) 

'Shadow Hunters: Mortal Instruments' (season 3) - Worldwide

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Season 3 of Shadow Hunters: Mortal Instruments will continue to stream weekly episodes throughout April on Netflix. 

'RuPaul's Drag Race' (season 10) - UK/IrelandRuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 Queens

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Keep up with the Queens every week throughout April, Fridays on Netflix. 

'Dynasty' (season 1) - UK (excluding Ireland) 

via CW

The outlandish CW soap opera reboot, Dynasty is streaming weekly on Netflix UK. Irish viewers, unfortunately, will not be able to stream the series on the platform just yet. 

'Black Lightning' (season 1) - UK/Ireland 

via CW

Another CW newcomer, Black Lightning will stream on Netflix all throughout April. New episodes arrive Tuesdays on the streaming platform. 

Editor's Choice: You know us. RuPaul's Drag Race and Riverdale are essential weekly viewing. 

New TV seasons on Netflix April 2018

'Money Heist' (part 2) - Worldwide

Part 1 of the Spanish language drama had viewers hooked early on. Now, be on the lookout for Money Heist part 2, streaming on Netflix from April 6.

'The Magic Schoolbus Rides Again' (Season 2) - Worldwide

via Netflix 

Get ready for a wild ride, guys. Season 2 of the Magic School Bus reboot, The Magic School Bus Rides Again, will land on Netflix April 13. 

'3%' (season 2) - Worldwide

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The second season of one of Netflix's most acclaimed original series, 3% will arrive on the platform April 27. That will give audiences who haven't seen the phenomenal first season plenty of time to catch up before the big season 2 premiere. 

Suits (season 7 part 2) - UK 

via USA Network 

Part 2 of Suits season 7 will be available on Netflix from the 5th of April. This will be your last chance to catch a glimpse of future royal, Meghan Markle on network television. 

Mad Men (season 7) - UK 

via AMC

The seventh and final season of the Emmy Award-winning drama, Mad Men joins the long list of new April 2018 releases on Netflix. It will be available to stream on Netflix from April 1. 

Editor's Pick: We'll be bingeing part 2 of the Spanish language drama Money Heist. It's available on Netflix from April 6.