Nerdy Actors, Please Stop Getting So Ripped!

18 December 2015, 14:53

Chris Pratt Guardians
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Looking at you Pratt.

I've noticed a strange phenomenon lately. It started a couple of years ago. One minute I was watching loveably slobby, good-hearted idiot Andy Dwyer try and fail to exercise in Parks and Recreation...

What a mess. He's just like all of us.

But then I blink and suddenly this happens!

Now he can control dinosaurs with his giant arms. I can't relate to that!

Well, now it's happened again. 

Yesterday this image was quickly sent around the PopBuzz office:


What happened to Jim? You used to be the hero of all nice "boy next door" types with a sense of humour. Now you're a damn demi-god!

John Krasinski's new look got the thumbs up from the ladies and many of the gentlemen of Pop-Buzz. But, as a straight male, there is something I have to say to both John and Mr Pratt:

Hi boys, looking good, congrats. Now please stop.

Awkward, nerdy 5ft 8" ginger kids like myself need our NBC sitcoms full of charming, funny, sarcastic goofballs we can look up to without getting body envy. There's a good reason action heroes aren't funny - they don't have to be!

Basically, I just miss my lanky nice guy icons. Come back to us Andy and Jim. Preferably without the extra muscle. 

Now I'm off to the gym.