U2 Performed Without Bono Last Night And Some People Didn't Notice

2 December 2014, 16:55

U2 & Chris Martin at (RED)
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Apparently all ageing rockers look alike. Who knew?

It appears that U2 frontman Bono is still out of action, after his series of unfortunate events earlier in November. Last night the band appeared without their singer at (RED)'s World AIDS Day event in Times Square.

Silver linings though, as Coldplay frontman Chris Martin stepped in to help them out with their first of two appearances that evening.

Chris' vocals actually suit U2 songs pretty well, as it turns out; skip to 5:48 to see his renditions of 'Beautiful Day' and 'With Or Without You'.


Also, if you skip ahead to 37:05 in the video above, you'll see that U2 returned to the stage without Chris Martin, and legendary singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen stepped in to fill in for Bono on 'Where The Streets Have No Name' and 'I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For'.

...Or did he?


With the leather jacket, earrings and vague squint, Springsteen was a pair of purple sunglasses away from being a dead ringer for the missing frontman.

 And he had a few viewers convinced.

Bono is still in recovery following his bike accident in Central Park last month, where he sustained fractures in his eye socket, his left hand, arm and shoulder blade. But the band are obviously keeping themselves busy in his absence; Country queen Carrie Underwood also got some backup from U2 guitarist The Edge during her set at the event that evening.

Here's hoping Bono will make a swift recovery and return to the band soon.

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