Here, Have Some Goddamn Teletubbies In Black & White Set To Joy Division

19 June 2015, 11:12

Teletubbies Set To Joy Division
Liam Dryden

By Liam Dryden

Because the internet.

Ever thought that the Teletubbies were weird? Here, let us make it weirder. No seriously, your Friday afternoon needs this.

Someone (namely Christopher G. Brown) has taken some footage from the beloved surrealist children's show, and then just... frickin'... turned it a menacing black and white. And then threw Joy Division's melancholy "Atmosphere" over the top, because why not.

This video's a few months old, but this is still some important internet content that we need to share with those unlucky enough to have not already witnessed it.

I can't tell what's weirder; that this exists, or that it works. The weirdness that the show already permeated suddenly becomes a narrative of carefree existentialism, as the pudgy 'Tubbies roll down hills with no thought of their responsibilities or long-term woes. Also one of them might have squished a bunny.

In summary: the Internet.