We're Totally Surprised By The Vaccines' New Style

3 July 2015, 16:13

The Vaccines

By Hallam Smith

We're also thinking of changing our look *books salon day*

The Vaccines have just released the music video for their new track, "20/20". This comes straight from their album, English Graffiti which dropped in May and has been classed as the bands "comeback album". Their new sound has definitely shocked their fans. 

The "20/20" music video, directed by Max Weiland, has a very cinematic feel to it and displays a certain amount of growth for the London based band. 

The dark humoured video is definitely interesting and is an exciting watch for long time Vaccines fans. Clearly, the band are chasing a different aesthetic to what they have previously done in their videos. 

Justin Young spoke to NME about how their change in music style has impacted their plans for future albums. 

"I started to feel being timeless isn’t a good thing. I wanted to make a record that was important in 2015 and sounded like 2015." 

Watch the music below