Zayn Malik's New Music Sounds Completely Different To One Direction

31 March 2015, 09:01

Zayn Malik Hair AMAs 2014
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

You need to hear this.

UPDATE (April 2): Was Zayn Malik's "Solo Demo" Actually Meant For One Direction To Use?

Less than a week after he left One Direction, Zayn has brand new music to share. Sounding more like Bon Iver than Zayn Malik, the former boy band heartthrob croons softly on "I Won't Mind" his first solo foray into the music world. 

If you didn't realise this was Zayn Malik you'd think that a young up and comer was gunning for a Critics Choice Award.

Zayn Malik

The track lacks Naughty Boy's signature sound but it's only a demo and there is surely more to come from Zayn in the following weeks. 

Meanwhile, Naughty Boy is getting some major heat for his collaboration with Zayn and only time will tell if Zayn fans will ever forgive the producer for co-opting their favourite member of One Direction. 

Hear "I Won't Mind'" Below:

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